Need a BladeLogic Middleware Automation (BMA) alternative? 

If you are seeking a BMA replacement, consider this


  • Orca supports many different types of applications in different environments. BMA supports Java EE applications only. 
  • Orca is faster and less resource intensive than BMA whose agentless architecture relies on middleware-specific connections (such as gathering WAS configurations via the SOAP port and pulling all the MBeans).
  • Audit and drift compliance policy reporting is built into Orca. BMA can only detect drift from a known good or standard. 
  • Orca supports the full stack, managing configurations of operating systems, databases, other middleware, etc. 
  • Orca licensing costs less than annual BMA support costs.  
  • Orca has a more modern, intuitive interface.
  • Orca includes integrated role based access control (RBAC).
  • Orca has integrated calendaring and workflow.

Orca is a full stack unified configuration and application release automation solution for hybrid environments.

Configuration Automation + Environment-Aware Releases

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With its full stack support of hybrid environments, Orca provides both configuration automation and application release automation with an intuitive interface that slashes time and errors. 

So if you are looking for a BladeLogic Middleware Automation alternative, please contact us or request  your personal demo walk-through to see how. 

Orca is a solution for

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