OpsDev is the New DevOps and Other Observations 

Lessons learned from DOES2016 

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016 (#DOES2016) in San Francisco was a big success. Here are 3 takeaways that may benefit you:

  • DevDev–> DevOps –>OpsDev?: There was a noticeable shift this year to a more balanced Dev AND Ops message. This was true of the speakers, of the attendees and of the new solutions that are starting to emerge. DevDev or “DevOps-in-Name-Only” messages and tools have had difficulty crossing the chasm to production operations. Now the focus is on adding more content and consideration for the needs of Operations teams and scaled out Production environments. (As an “OpsDev” solution that automates Ops workflows like Config Management and Drift Detection, this is a very welcome development for Orca and for IT Ops teams responsible for maintaining application, middleware, database and OS config compliance.)
Example: Configuration Compliance Heat Map
for Automatic Drift Detection
Configuration drift detection in Oracle is so easy we show it as a gif
  • Collaboration Matters…(Still): Yes, technology is important. It always will be. But thankfully we heard a lot of conversation around the topic of collaboration. True collaboration requires an open, sharing culture. And when technology can be used to accelerate that sharing, all the better.
  • Experiment Early. Experiment Often: Organizations that showed the most dramatic gains in productivity and quality were the ones that tended to experiment the most. They tried new approaches and new processes- and were willing to question previous assumptions. In addition to those new approaches, new technologies are introduced all the time. And even some DevOps products showcased at DOES2016 and others introduced in the past few years are showing their age. Organizations that are willing to move beyond the “usual suspects” of “traditional” DevOps technologies open themselves up to new possibilities – solving use cases that are out of reach for many well-known technologies and individual point solutions.
We’d love to hear from you if you have questions or comments about DevOps/ OpsDev toolchains for your Windows and Linux environments. 

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