Monitoring is a good start. But it is not enough.

Monitoring the applications, OS, and servers that make up your environment is a no-brainer. How many times have you had a customer be the first to inform you there was a problem? Those early alerts about performance problems, outages and security breaches are essential to running a tight IT ship.

But they are not enough.
Imagine going to a dentist and being told 

You have a cavity. Here’s your bill.

You don’t want to just detect the problem.

You want to correct the problem.

Configuration Compliance & Control

Actually correcting application configuration problems, once they have drifted out of compliance, is a notoriously tough task though. Choices have traditionally been limited to scripting, spreadsheets, SharePoint sites and even homegrown tools – each of which are a risk and grow into “Franken-tools” eventually. And given the complex relationships and dependencies between your business critical application, other applications, databases and middleware – changing this, can break that – unless you have automated policy enforcement in your Linux and Windows environments.

Orca was created as an application configuration automation and compliance enforcement solution to give IT Operations team the secure, centralized control they need in large scale, heterogeneous environments.

Beyond configuration drift detection, Orca enforces drift correction against IT Operationscustom security policies and prevents unauthorized (even well-intentioned) changes.

Orca also delivers secure control and visibility over Calendar Management, Blackout Scheduling, Maintenance Window Scheduling, Job Management, Rule Management, Server Management, Ecosystem Management, Node & Activity Management in your Linux & Windows ecosystems. That’s a lot of control!

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Orca is configuration compliance enforcement software to control, audit, visualize and automate changes in your business critical Linux & Windows application environments.  

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