Automatic configuration backup and restoration explained

As challenging as it is to keep your applications, middleware and databases configured and operational in a production environment, it is even more difficult to do so in a disaster recovery (DR) environment.  You need an fast, reliable way to backup configurations.

How Orca does it: automatically store configurations

Outside of the application release, Orca is continually monitoring your Production environment. From your middleware, to your database schema, to your OS, Orca is taking a snapshot and storing the current configurations of your Production environment. In a disaster scenario where you lose access to Production and need to fail over to Disaster Recovery, Orca has all your Production configuration settings already stored.

Orca. Less disaster. More recovery. 

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Why is it important to backup configurations?

Oftentimes you have a DR environment that is supposed to be in sync with Production. This doesn’t always happen. In a situation where Production is down, sometimes your applications just don’t start or run correctly in DR. This causes huge headaches and fire fighting to get applications running again. Most often you end up making configuration changes or deploying the latest application version to DR.
If you don’t have a way to backup configurations, this typically involves locating and sorting through the multiple spreadsheets and SharePoint sites of your documentation to determine the last version of the application deployed and the last known proper configurations for each piece of infrastructure supporting the application. You then have to create scripts or manually deploy and audit those changes.

With Orca, you don’t need to do this. Even when the Production environment is down, you can use Orca to compare your last known Production configurations to your DR configurations and then apply any differences to your DR environment, including deploying the latest application release to DR if needed.
Manually sorting through configuration settings is tough enough. It’s even worse in a backup and recovery scenario. 
Backup configurations with Orcaconfig. Manually sorting through configuration settings is tough enough. It’s even worse in a backup and recovery scenario.

Orca takes the guesswork and manual effort out of your configuration changes. Backup configurations with Orca and get less disaster and more recovery.

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