Automating Windows Middleware and OS Management with Pre-tested, Pre-validated, Built-in PowerShell Scripts

Embedded, Out of the Box PowerShell scripts for Configuration Management and Application Release Automation
Pre-integrated for automated promotion and bulk-deployments of new and existing configurations
Pre-tested and Production-ready
Enterprise service and support

Orca automates application release and configuration management of Windows, IIS, MS SQL Server, MSMQ and SharePoint ecosystems.  

(Linux and Unix too!)

Orca’s built-in PowerShell scripts:

  • Automatically determine existing configuration settings
  • Automatically compare configurations at different points in time, against a gold standard or both
  • Automatically detect configuration drift and compliance violations. Automatically detect schema changes. 
  • Automatically remediate or rollback configurations errors
  • Automatically deploy planned configuration and schema changes 
  • Automatically backup and restore configurations
  • Automate application release in Windows, Linux and Unix environments

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Calculate Your Configuration Automation ROI with Orca. Compare to writing, integrating and testing your own PowerShell scripts.

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Orca application configuration automation for IIS and SQL environments 

Orca simplifies, automates and slashes the time required for configuration management by including out-of-the-box support and seamless integrations for Windows, IIS, MS SQL Server, SharePoint, MS MQ and more.

No need to train staff on new scripting or declarative languages to deploy configuration changes at scale.

No need to rely on manual processes to enforce configuration compliance.