Automatically detect unauthorized changes and configuration drift in WebSphere, IIS, Tomcat, Apache, and other middleware, databases, and operating systems.

Orca Drift Detector TM shows you configuration drift and unauthorized changes so you can keep your environment under control and in compliance.

  • Detect configuration drift and unauthorized changes.
  • Instantly view out of compliance configurations.
  • Compare current configurations to a gold master or point in time.
Automatic notification of configuration drift

Orca Drift Detector TM is on the lookout for configuration drift. It compares your diffs and alerts you right away to compliance issues with its visual, intuitive interface. Sometimes your configuration drift is inconsequential. Other times diffs, drift or compliance violations indicate previously hidden problems that can lead to application performance issues, compliance violations, security vulnerabilities or outages.

 When your configurations have drifted out of compliance, Orca lets you know. Orca sends emails, shows alerts within the console, and provides ecosystem compliance views.

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Drift and compliance

Orca adheres to your definition of compliance. The following are all ways you can define compliance in Orca:

  • Configurations must match a reference point in time. For example, configurations should not have changed since the last application release. 
  • Configurations must match the configuration of another node – a gold master server. Don’t worry about false positives when IP address names or server names are different – Orca tokenizes for you.
  • Custom rules that dictate the values or value ranges of certain configurations.

Note that you can use Orca to support third party definitions of compliance such as PCI or HIPAA

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How Orca Drift Detector Works
  1. Create application-centric “ecosystems” to view full-stack configurations.
  2. Automatically inventory configurations on a set schedule.
  3. View results to quickly identify drift.
Video Explainer: Drift Detector
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